PLP 018 – Beginners - Basic 100 verbs in Portuguese (formal, ele, ela)

Topic: Basic verbs and the conjugation in the 3rd person singular in the present tense

Olá a todos!

This beginners episode is a vocabulary pill and we will learn how to conjugate 100 verbs in the third person singular (formal, ele – he, ela – she).

In this episode you learn:

  • When to use the formal you (o senhor, a senhora).

  • The conjugation for the third person singular in the present tense.

  • Ending for verbs ending in -ar.

  • Ending for verbs ending in -er and -ir.

Don’t miss the practical 8 page verb chart that you can use as reference, with all conjugations, tenses, examples and explanations on how to use each tense. You can find it on the website, under library!

For this episode you can also access the podcast related resources:

  • Transcript

  • Translation

  • Worksheets and extra listening exercises.

  • Key.


Portuguese Lab Podcast - European Portuguese - 18 - How to conjugate 100 verbs - formal.png

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