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Notice that the podcast is not a course and the episodes don’t follow a step-by-step sequence.

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Season 1 (o-99): Each podcast’s transcript available on the episode’s page (list of episodes).

Season 2 (100-): Mini-stories. Each podcast’s transcript + translation available for download on the episode’s page (list of episodes).

Other resources, such as PDF and MP3 downloads, and extra exercises for each episode are available for members in the Portuguese Lab Academy.

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Note: the podcast is not a course, each episode is a stand-alone piece of content, and the number of the episode does not refer to a sequence you should follow.

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What students are saying on iTunes!

Perfect! I have found this to be a great way to learn the sounds and patterns of everyday speech and vocabulary in an enjoyable easy way. The first 100 verbs are especially useful very efficient way to start out quickly, even if you can conjugate on paper nothing is better than an audio for listening to, and speaking these words regularly in the beginning. The lessons are well thought out and content is released consistently. Great job!
— flea (on iTunes)
The best European Portuguese learning site. This is by far the best Standard European Portuguese language learning site available on the web. Each module (rated for the student’s level) touches on a different aspect of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and even culture. The modules are highly absorbable in length - you don’t get overwhelmed. Variety is the engine that makes the Portuguese Lab so enjoyable as a learning tool. [...] Susana fully supports the Portuguese Lab by making herself accessible via email to questions about anything in the modules. Her dedication to this project is evident in its excellent production quality. Her love of the Portuguese language is obvious from the care she puts into teaching it.
— PGD1 (on iTunes)
Best for listening. Excellent study materials. Wow. This course is simply superb. The audio podcasts are well arranged AND supported with nicely arranged printed materials. Enjoy your walk or your trip with the audio, then go to the supporting web page for that episode and get even more material to try out. This is better than using a tourist guide approach. I use this with my young kids, and their native Portuguese speaking mother (and my wife) fully approves of the pronunciation and vocabulary choices. No accidental Brazilian variants here.
— Computer Help Cherry Creek (on iTunes)
Very high quality European Portuguese material. Podcast author Susana Morais is obviously very dedicated. The materials across her series of podcasts are very high quality, with a mix of vocabulary, stories, and grammatical information. There are also supplementary materials for each podcast on the Portuguese Lab website, including transcripts of the podcasts and exercises. Anyone interested in European Portuguese should be subscribing, this is a very valuable resource for learners.
— John O'Meara (on iTunes)