PLP 062 - Beginners - Saying opening times in Portuguese

Saying opening and closing times


This is episode 62 and it’s for beginners.

We are going to practice saying the time in opening and closing times. For example, saying when a restaurant opens and closes. I have a feeling this is not only good practice for beginners!

You can refer back to episodes 7, 9 and 12 of the podcast for more information. They have to do with the topic of saying the time, and saying when something happens. You can find a lot of useful information there about how this works, but today it’s all about listening and speaking practice.

  1. I’ll start by stating a fact.

  2. Next, I’ll ask a series of questions regarding that fact.

  3. You’ll have a pause that gives you some time to answer.

  4. Finally, I’ll give you the correct answer before moving on to the next question.

  5. You also have time to repeat the correct answer.

We’ll be talking about a restaurant. The restaurant is called “O Jardim”.

For this episode, you can also access the podcast related resources. Here you can find:

  • Transcript

  • Translation

Enjoy. :)

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Portuguese Lab Podcast - European Portuguese - 62 - How to say opening closing times.png
O restaurante “O Jardim” está aberto das onze e meia da manhã à uma da manhã.

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