PLP 115 - Mini-story with ao + infinitive in the past

In this mini-story you learn how to use ao (as) in Portuguese, with the same meaning of quando/enquanto (when, while). The text is in the past. First, I read the text slowly and then at normal speed.

In this story, a pilot arrived on a new planet and came face to face with an alien.

You can choose to listen to the podcast episode or watch the video.

To practice with this content, follow the next steps:

  • 1) Listen to the audio several times (without reading the transcript).

  • 2) Listen and read at the same time.

  • 3) Analyze the text and the translation, and take notes on the vocabulary and expressions that are new for you.

  • 4) Listen to the audio again several times until you understand the content.


Listen to the episode

To download the PDF with the transcript and the English translation of the text, use the form below.

Watch the video