PLP 094 - Intermediate - Diálogo no talho

Topic: A dialogue at the butcher shop

This is an episode for intermediate learners.

In this episode you:

  • listen to a dialogue at the butcher shop. A customer wants to buy different types of meat but is quite demanding regarding quality and freshness. She even asks the butcher to smell the chicken breasts! All of this because she is buying meat for someone who is very picky about food.

  • learn vocabulary related to buying at the butcher shop in Portugal.

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The transcript of this episode is only available for members of the Portuguese Lab Academy.

— Bom dia, Sr. Costa.
— Bom dia, D. Cristina. Como está?
— Bem, obrigada. Hoje vim cedo para ver se apanho as melhores carnes.
— Ora essa, aqui só temos carne de qualidade.