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A membership community for learners who want to improve their comprehension skills with regular and engaging resources.

Get all the input and support you need here!

Levels: pre-intermediate to advanced

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Are you struggling to understand native speakers? 

That has to be the hardest thing ever, right?

You start by learning the basics, and soon enough you can communicate your basic needs with simple sentences.  

But what people say to you doesn't sound like Portuguese at all! Have you been learning an entirely different language all this time? 

I feel your pain. I've been there myself before, and I'm going through it now with the language I'm currently learning.  

Native speakers speak fast, they connect words and eat letters all the time. And that's the way all languages work!  

So why can't you understand the language you have been learning for some time? 


  • you are used to listening to slow audio (and real people speak fast). 
  • you are used to reading subtitles (and real-life has no subtitles). 
  • you don't have the necessary vocabulary to understand what's being said. 
  • you are unaware of the language's connected speech (the way the words and sounds change in fast speech). 
  • you don't expose yourself to enough input (listening + reading) that allows you to get used to the sounds of the language and grow your vocabulary and grammar awareness. 
  • you can't find the right resources that can help you improve your listening and reading skills. 

That's where the Breakthrough Portuguese Academy comes in.

It's a membership for learners, such as yourself, who want to expose themselves to real, authentic and engaging Portuguese content to improve overall comprehension. 

The focus on listening and reading is part of the input-based method for language learning. This means that it is the constant contact and exposure to audio and text that deepens your knowledge of the grammar, grows your vocabulary, and improves your pronunciation. Without you even being aware of that! 

Learning a language is a long process. Being in constant contact with the language is what guarantees your success in the long run. 

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What to expect?


Regular content

New weekly content so you can choose the most interesting and motivating content for you.


Engaging resources

From fiction to authentic dialogues, chats and other topics, such as the use of idioms and expressions.


Support & community

Ask questions and share experiences in the forums and the private Facebook group.

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You will love!


Diálogos reais

Real conversations between native Portuguese speakers.


Os sons da língua

Practice the sounds of the Portuguese language.


Conversa fiada

Chats about anything and everything.


Expressões idiomáticas

Idioms and expressions.

What about output? 

Speaking and writing are as important as any other language skills. If you want to get comfortable at speaking, you should definitely speak! That's the only way to lose any fears you might have. The same goes for writing.

Notice, however, that your capacity to speak and write beyond the beginner's sentences depends on how much input you have been exposed to. Only due to listening and reading will your comprehension grow, and with that, your ability to express yourself (in speaking and writing).  

If you only focus on speaking and saying what you already know, you'll be really good at... saying what you already know!

Grow your passive skills to grow your active skills! 

What about grammar? 

Grammar is important when you want to make a conscient effort to understand how or why some sentence or expression is the way it is. Knowing the rules helps you to identify patterns in the language and express yourself with more confidence.

But there's no need to memorize rules! This doesn't mean that practicing with grammar exercises is a futile task. Not at all! I'm a grammar lover myself, and I'm fully aware grammar has helped me enormously in taking my languages to the next level; in being correct and precise when I speak and write.

That's why I've included a grammar course in the Breakthrough Portuguese Academy! 

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Gramática intermédia-avançada

Intermediate-advanced grammar course

This course available in the Breakthrough Portuguese Academy guides you through the Portuguese grammar structures and verbs from intermediate to advanced so that you can better understand Portuguese and enrichen your own use of the language.

Still unsure if the membership is for you?

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  • You are at least a pre-intermediate learner (beginning of the B1 level). 
  • You struggle with understanding native speakers (listening comprehension). 
  • You need to grow your vocabulary. 
  • You want to practice your reading skills. 
  • You enjoy studying independently. 
  • You are motivated to work hard. 
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  • You are a beginner (levels A1-A2).
  • You want a quick win. 

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What variety of Portuguese is the content in?

100% European Portuguese!

+ Is the Academy a course?

No, it's a membership site. To become fluent it's not enough to take a course or read a book! You need constant access and exposure to input that is interesting and a little above your level.

The membership platform also includes a complete intermediate-advanced grammar course, besides the new weekly content.

+ I'm a beginner. Is this for me?

No. A course is more appropriate for beginners. It gives you the right sequence and structure to build a solid foundation of the language. Once the walls are in place, the marathon begins!

If you're a beginner, or you want to revisit the basics, please see the beginner course.

+ How long does it take to become fluent?

There's no set period of time to reach fluency. Every learner learns at a different pace. But I can guarantee you it's a long process!

+ Are there explanations and translations in English?

The content is in Portuguese (that's the whole point!). But don't worry! I won't let your questions be unanswered. There's a specific forum for comments in English.

The grammar course available in the membership platform has English explanations.

+ What do I have access to?

  • audio files (MP3)
  • transcripts and vocabulary lists (PDF)
  • videos (MP4)

+ What previous knowledge / materials do I need?

  • You need basic Portuguese knowledge (pre-intermediate - at least end of the A2 level).
  • You don't need any learning materials, they are all included in the platform.
  • You do need a computer with internet access. You can also access the materials offline by downloading them.

+ Can I study at my own pace?

You certainly can! This membership site is designed to give you all the flexibility you need. So you can learn whenever, wherever you want.

+ How do I have access to the teacher?

The membership platform includes discussion forums, where you can ask your questions, and learn from other student's questions. I personally reply to all comments aquestions. You also have access to a private Facebook group.

+ Is there a money-back guarantee?

Of course! I genuinely want you to succeed, which is why I offer a generous 30-day money back guarantee. Simply let me know within 30 days if you’d like a refund, and I’ll give you one, no questions asked.

+ Can I cancel the membership?

You can cancel the membership yourself whenever you want. I'll be sad to see you go, though!

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