PLP 066 - Beginners - Buying at the supermarket in Portuguese

Buying at the supermarket in Portugal


This is episode 66 and it’s for beginners.

This is a listening and speaking practice episode and we’ll be talking about shopping at the supermarket. I have talked before about this topic in episodes 50 and 51.

Here is the context:

Andreia is going shopping and she is going through her shopping list at the supermarket.

  1. A Andreia precisa de ir buscar um carrinho de supermercado.

  2. Depois tem de tirar uma senha na peixaria para ser atendida.

  3. Quer comprar um quilo de mexilhão.

  4. Também precisa de levar legumes e café.

  5. Tem de colocar as compras no tapete rolante.

  6. Finalmente pede um saco de plástico.

  7. E paga a conta com cartão multibanco.

How it works:

  • I’ll start by stating a fact.

  • Next, I’ll ask a series of questions regarding that fact.

  • You’ll have a pause that gives you some time to answer.

  • Finally, I’ll give you the correct answer before moving on to the next question.

  • You also have time to repeat the correct answer.

For this episode, you can also access the podcast related resources. Here you can find:

  • Transcript

  • Translation

Enjoy. :)

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Portuguese Lab Podcast - European Portuguese - 66 - Shopping at the supermarket.jpg
Não tem de tirar uma senha na peixaria, pois não?
Tem, tem. Tem de tirar uma senha na peixaria. Ela quer comprar mexilhão.

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