PLP 073 - Intermediate - Short story in Portuguese - At the doctor's office

Short story in European Portuguese: at the doctor's office.


Bem vindos ao episódio 73 do Portuguese Lab Podcast.

Today we’ll continue to talk about going to the doctor. Today I have a short text that includes the vocabulary we’ve seen in episode 72. Besides that, the text is in the past, so it’s another good opportunity to conjugate verb in the past (pretérito perfeito simples and pretérito imperfeito).

For this episode, you can access the podcast related resources. Here you can find:

  • Transcript

  • Translation

  • Simplified version of the podcast episode (dialogue only)

Enjoy. :)

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Portuguese Lab Podcast - European Portuguese - 73 - Short story in European Portuguese at the doctors office.jpg
O Sr. António acordou com tantas dores de costas que foi um problema levantar-se! Foi curvado até à casa de banho e, depois, foi curvado e a gemer até à cozinha onde comeu uma fatia de pão com queijo.

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