PLP 054 - Beginners - Vocabulary - Christmas in Portuguese

Vocabulary related to the Christmas Season


Bem vindos ao episódio 54 do Portuguese Lab Podcast.

This is a vocabulary episode, and although it includes some basic words it also includes specific terms related to the Christmas Season. This is the first episode in a series of episodes about this topic.

I'll say the new word in Portuguese followed by the English translation and examples showing you the use of the word in context. You can check the English translation for the examples in this episode's PDF. You can also check some images that illustrate the typical Christmas meals in Portugal. 

For this episode, you can also access the podcast related resources. Here you can find:

  • Transcript

  • Translation

Enjoy. :)

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Portuguese Lab Podcast - European Portuguese - 54 - Christmas vocabulary.jpg
Há muitas crianças que acreditam no Pai Natal e esperam que lhes traga muitos presentes. Segundo a tradição o Pai Natal vem do Pólo Norte e chega num trenó conduzido por renas.

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