PLP 089 - Intermediate - Diálogo na farmácia

Topic: A man wants to buy antibiotic at a pharmacy

This is an episode for intermediate learners.

In this episode you:

  • Listen to a dialogue between native speakers; a client and the pharmacist at a pharmacy. The client wants an antibiotic for his wife, but he doesn’t have a prescription. The pharmacist advises him to go to the hospital with her, but he gets strangely nervous about that idea.

  • Learn vocabulary related to buying at the pharmacy (prescription, medicine, aspirin and much more)!

Listen to the episode


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— Bom dia. Aqui está a minha receita.
— Uma caixa de anti-histamínico e uma de anti-inflamatório, é isso?
— Sim, isso mesmo.
— Aguarde só um instante que eu vou buscar.
— Ah, eu queria pedir mais umas coisas.