PLP 049 - Beginners - Short story in Portuguese - Um livro novo

Short story in Portuguese - Um livro novo.


Bem vindos ao episódio 49 do Portuguese Lab Podcast.

This is a beginners episode and it's a text about a search for a new book. It includes some common structures and vocabulary of the A1 level. The story is told using the Present tense. You'll hear the story twice, first at normal speed and then slower. You can access the free related resources with which you can continue to practice with the exercises, improving listening comprehension and speaking.

For this episode, you can also access the podcast related resources. Here you can find:

  • Transcript

  • Translation

  • Exercises

Enjoy. :)

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Só abre às três. Claro! As lojas estão fechadas à hora de almoço. Vou esperar um pouco no parque que fica em frente à livraria.

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