PLP 023 – Beginners - Phrases to use at the clothing store

Topic: Useful phrases to use while shopping for clothes

Olá everybody!

This beginners episode is an action formula and we will learn how to use the vocabulary of the previous episode at the clothing store!

In this episode you learn:

  • How to say what you are looking for.

  • How to characterize the item (size, colour, material).

  • How to say you want to try it.

  • How to describe how the item looks on you.

  • How to express likes and dislikes.

  • How to exchange your item at the store.

For this episode you can also access the podcast related resources, by visiting the Portuguese Lab Free Content page. Here you can find:

  • Transcript

  • Translation

  • Worksheets and extra listening exercises.

  • Key.


Portuguese Lab Podcast - European Portuguese - 23 - Sentences at the clothing store.png

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