PLP 016 – Intermediate - Understand the weather report

Topic: Understanding the weather report and the future tense in Portuguese

Olá everybody!

This intermediate episode is an action formula and we will learn how to talk about the weather informally and formally, using the Future verb tense.

In this episode you learn:

  • How to describe permanent and momentary weather conditions.

  • How to talk informally about the present weather conditions (Present / Estar+a+infinitive).

  • How to talk about future weather conditions (Ir+infinitive / Future).

  • How to ask how the weather is / will be.

  • To understand a weather forecast.

For this episode you can also access the podcast related resources:

  • Transcript

  • Translation

  • Worksheets and extra listening exercises.

  • Key.


Portuguese Lab Podcast - European Portuguese - 16 - Sentences about the weather.png

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