PLP 002 – Beginners - Phrases related to giving directions in Portuguese

Topic: Phrases you can use to give and receive directions in Portuguese

Olá everybody!

This beginners episode is a action formula and we will be using the vocabulary learned on the previous episode, with the topic: directions.

In this episode I will give you directions to the nearest pharmacy, and explain it sentence by sentence. Don’t get lost!

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This beginners episode is a an action formula and we will be focusing on the vocabulary learned in the previous episode. Imagine you are a tourist in Lisbon, driving a car, looking for the nearest pharmacy. I will give you directions on how to get there.

  • Vai em frente.

  • Vira à esquerda.

  • Atravessa a ponte.

  • Passa a igreja.

  • Chega à rotunda.

  • Contorna a rotunda.

  • Sai na última saída.

  • Continua ao longo do parque.

  • Vira à direita.

  • A farmácia fica do lado direito.

  • Pode voltar para trás

  • no fim da rua.

  • You go ahead.

  • You turn left.

  • You cross the bridge.

  • You pass the church.

  • You arrive at the roundabout.

  • You go around the roundabout.

  • You leave on the last exit.

  • You continue along the park.

  • You turn right.

  • The pharmacy is on the right side.

  • You can turn around

  • at the end of the street.

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This sentence uses two verbs poder, to be able to, and voltar, to return. So, pode voltar means you can turn. The verb to be able to uses a second verb that is not conjugated, that is, that stays in the infinitive form. Here are some examples:

  • Eu posso ir para casa. I can go home.

  • Tu podes virar à direita. You can turn right.

  • Ele não pode ir em frente. He can't go ahead.

I have given all these directions without using the personal pronoun you. In Portuguese you can omit the personal pronoun. Since this is a formal dialogue I could have used o senhor (Mister) or a senhora (Miss).


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