PLP - 057 - European Portuguese - Intermediate - Diálogo na quinta

 LEVEL 2 [B2]

LEVEL 2 [B2]


Topic: Dialogue - Na quinta


Bem vindos ao episódio 57 do Portuguese Lab Podcast. Here is a dialogue using the vocabulary from the previous episode about farming. Here, two neighbors meet near their lands.

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For this episode you can also access the podcast related resources. Here you can find:

  • Transcript
  • Translation
  • Listening exercises

The extra exercises include listening comprehension exercises about the text. The goal of these exercises is to improve your listening comprehension and automate your oral production. You can read more instructions on how to practice with them in the Related Resources PDF.


Portuguese Lab Podcast - 57 - Dialogue at the farm
- Olhe, sei lá. Já passou aí a GNR ontem a dizer que há risco elevado de incêndio!
- Não me diga! Com este frio?
- Pois, vai-se lá entender...

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