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Find out  how to learn with the Portuguese Lab.

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The podcast episodes allow you to practice your Portuguese, especially listening comprehension, pronunciation, vocabulary and speaking.

You can find episodes for beginners, intermediate and advance learners.

Note: the podcast is not a course!

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Free content

Inside the free content vault you can find:

Podcast related resources (transcript, translation, exercises) and extra grammar charts.

To access the free content vault, you need to request a password here.

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The videos mainly refer to the podcast episodes. If you are a visual learner, you probably will enjoy this option!

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The e-courses offer you a complete program with which you can reach a specific level of the Portuguese language.

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Who I am 


Olá! My name is Susana Morais, I am Portuguese, a true alfacinha (from Lisboa).

I am your teacher for the Portuguese language, the European kind. I help everyone wanting to get to work and start speaking!

If you feel like taking action, you are at the right place.

Feel free to ask for help if you need it!

I have a degree in Industrial Design and I am presently doing my Master's Degree in Teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language.

I have five years teaching experience. Motivated or unmotivated, shy or outgoing, technical or emotional, calm or stressed,I welcome all types of students! And because I have learned several languages myself, I know that you can be all of these things in the same lesson. Learning a language can be an emotional roller coaster, but it's fun, and very rewarding. :)