PLP 008 – Beginners - Saying the date in Portuguese

Topic: Saying the date in Portuguese: the day, month and year.

Olá everybody!

This beginners episode is a action formula and we will be using the vocabulary learned on the previous two episodes (numbers, time), with the topic: the date.

In this episode you learn how to:

  • Ask for the date.

  • Say the date.

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We will be learning how to say the date and ask for the date.

the date - a data

Imagine you receive a bill with the post, when you look at the date of the letter you will see the day, followed by the month and then the year.

For example, June 23rd 1998

  • vinte e três de junho de mil novecentos e noventa e oito

the day, the month and the year are connected by the word de, of.

Another example: January 1st 1975

  • um de janeiro de mil novecentos e setenta e cinco

What if you want to say, today is January 1st 1975?

Remember how to say today?

  • Hoje é um de janeiro de mil novecentos e setenta e cinco

hoje é - today is

What if you don’t want to mention the year:

  • Hoje é um de Janeiro.

If you don’t want to mention the month:

  • Hoje é dia um.

Notice the difference? When referring only to the day it's common to include the word day, dia.

Tomorrow is January 2nd 1975.

  • Amanhã é dois de Janeiro de mil novecentos e setenta e cinco.

The day after tomorrow is January 3rd 1975.

  • Depois de amanhã é três de janeiro de mil novecentos e setenta e cinco.

What about yesterday and the day before yesterday?

In this case you have to switch the verb is é, conjugated in the present, to the same verb conjugated in the past, was, foi.

Yesterday was December 31st 1974.

  • Ontem foi trinta e um de dezembro de mil novecentos e setenta e quatro.

The day before yesterday was December 30th 1974.

  • Anteontem foi trinta de dezembro de mil novecentos e setenta e quatro.

The same structure will be used if you want to refer to certain days of the week.

For example, imagine you are talking about last week (you don’t always need to say the year,

so we will leave it out now).

Monday was December 18th.

  • Segunda-feira foi dezoito de dezembro.

Tuesday was December 19th.

  • Terça-feira foi dezanove de dezembro.

and so on.

Now let's take a look at the question:

What day is it?

  • Que dia é hoje?

Possible answer:

  • Hoje é dia 13 de maio. or

  • Hoje é 13 de maio.


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What day was it yesterday? (remember, the verb needs to change to the past for this).

  • Que dia foi ontem?

Possible answer:

  • Ontem foi dia 12 de maio. or

  • Ontem foi 12 de maio.

What's the day tomorrow?

  • Que dia é amanhã?

Possible answer:

  • Amanhã é dia 14 de maio. or

  • Amanhã é 14 de maio.


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