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This intensive course is for you!


Get started with the VERB CONJUGATION CHART

Get an overview of the European Portuguese Verb Conjugations with the FREE VERB CONJUGATION CHART.

Start practicing, even before the course starts!


An in-depth overview of the Portuguese GRAMMAR, from Level B1 to Level B2




01 - Conjugação Pronominal

02 - Presente do Conjuntivo

03 - Pretérito Imperfeito do Conjuntivo

04 - Futuro do Conjuntivo

05 - Pretérito Perfeito Composto do Conjuntivo

06 - Pretérito Mais-que-Perfeito do Conjuntivo

07 - Futuro Perfeito Composto do Conjuntivo

08 - Infinitivo Pessoal Composto

09 - Futuro Perfeito

10 - Condicional Pretérito

11 - Gerúndio Simples e Composto

12 - Verbos + preposições

13 - Morfologia

14 - Verbo > adjetivo > substantivo



[pronominal conjugation]

[present subjunctive]

[past subjunctive]

[future subjunctive]

[present perfect subjunctive]

[past perfect subjunctive]

[future perfect subjunctive]

[compound infinitive]

[future perfect]

[conditional perfect]


[verbs + prepositions]

[morphology - word contruction]

[verb > adjective > noun]

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Pretérito Imperfeito

Have immediate access to an extra 7 lessons mini-course about one of the most complex verb tenses in Portuguese, Pretérito Imperfeito [Imperfect]. Although one of the basic verb tenses you learn as a beginner (level A1), this verb tense takes some time getting used to. This mini-course helps you gain more confidence while using Imperfeito.




This is course is for me if:

  • I have at least high-basic knowledge of the Portuguese language [beginning of level A2, and above];
  • I am comfortable with basic Portuguese verb tenses: Presente - Present / Pretérito Perfeito Simples - Perfect / Pretérito Perfeito - Imperfect (> this doesn't mean you have to be perfect!).
  • I need a better understanding of grammar in general;
  • I have problems with when to use certain verb tenses and structures;
  • I have problems with how to conjugate certain verb tenses;
  • I want to learn more advanced verb tenses, like the Subjunctive and compound verb tenses.
  • I want to learn more advanced sentence structure.

This course is not for me if:

  • I am still learning the basics of the language [Level A1];
  • I am not comfortable with the basic verb tenses;
  • I dislike learning grammar (I get some kind of rash).
Susana’s use of social media and information technology makes her classes highly interactive and entertaining in addition to being instructive. As a teacher she is always accessible, empathetic for her students needs, and motivates her students to push to the next level. Her infusion of creativity and innovation into the lessons bring the Portuguese language to life.
— Paul (Philadelphia)


with structure!

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With these lessons you will learn the verb tenses from level A2 to level B2, how to conjugate them, when and how to use them + practical examples. 

There will be a new lesson each week, for 12 weeks.

You have permanent access to the lessons and course contents, so you can access them later in your studies. There is no time limit to finish the course.


You can review the main characteristics of each lesson with a short quiz available after each video.


You can practice with the PDF downloadable workbooks referring to each verb tense. You also have access to complete verb-charts you can use as reference.


Each lesson has its own forum where you can place your questions and learn more from questions placed by fellow students.


It includes the review of written papers on different topics. The available topics aim to encourage the use of different verb tenses in a coherent and natural flow. These tasks can be done whenever you feel are ready.


You have access to email support for as long as you need it. I'm available to answer your questions!



Olá, eu sou a Susana! I am your teacher. :)

You guessed right, I am a Portuguese teacher! I'm an alfacinha (born in Lisboa) with a special love for languages. I have collected a few languages throughout the years (and hundreds of books, as you can see) including English. German, Spanish, French, Mandarin and I am now dedicated to Russian. Every now and then I also play around with Latin and Ancient Egyptian (you never know when that might come in handy...).

Following the true Portuguese spirit, I am curious about the world and other cultures, and I am now reaching out to teach an endangered species, European Portuguese.

I like to push my students, so you can consider me your accountability partner!

<< The top horizontal book is Os Lusíadas. Google it! :)




This intensive program guides you through the Portuguese verb tenses from intermediate to advanced so that you can better understand Portuguese and enrichen your own use of the language.

Get started with the VERB CONJUGATION CHART

Get an overview of the European Portuguese Verb Conjugations with the FREE VERB CONJUGATION CHART.

Start practicing, even before the course starts!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What language level do I need to have before beginning the course?

You need to be at least at the end of level A1 - beginning of level A2 > [check the levels].

+ How long does the course take?

You have permanent and immediate access to lessons and resources, and you can take as long as you like to finish the course.

You have a lifetime access to it.

+ What materials do I need?

  • You don't need any learning materials, they are all included in this course.
  • You do need a computer with internet access. You can also access the materials offline by downloading them.

+ How do I have access to the teacher?

You can at any time contact me directly by email with any questions you have regarding the contents of the course (

+ What do I have access to?

  • video lessons
  • quizzes
  • downloadable verb charts
  • downloadable workbooks
  • recorded workshops

You will also have access to future course updates and future bonuses!

+ Is there a money-back guarantee?

Of course! I genuinely want you to succeed, which is why I offer a generous 30-day money back guarantee. Simply let me know within 30 days if you’d like a refund, and I’ll give you one, no questions asked.