From Scratch to Fluency Bundle

From Scratch to Fluency Bundle

Are you finally ready to connect with others using the Portuguese language with confidence?

This bundle is your first step in the fluency direction. You don't need to worry about what resources to use or sequence to follow. You can focus on learning!

You can use all courses and materials at your own pace, whenever and wherever you feel like it.

What's included in the bundle

Enroll in the Master Portuguese e-Course and receive three amazing bonuses for free!

Master Portuguese e-Course (value $245)

The Master Portuguese e-Course takes you from true beginner to the intermediate level (A1-A2) in a comprehensive way, based on an exciting mystery story!

It's a self-study program you can follow at your own pace, whenever and wherever you feel like it.

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The course has 40 lessons, and you learn through story.

Each lesson introduces you to a new chapter of the story.

And each lesson is based on a new structure of the language.

By immersing yourself in the story and practicing with the suggested exercises, you are advancing your knowledge of the foundations of the language, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

This is an effective way of learning grammar and vocabulary in context.

A Fotógrafa Curiosa

That means "The Curious Photographer" in English, and that's the title of the story.

It tells the story of a young Portuguese photographer, who gets involved in the theft of a rare and valuable doll, putting herself and others in the path of danger!

The action takes place in Lisbon and Sintra, in Quinta da Regaleira, a famous palace with mystical gardens.

Intermediate Immersion e-Course (value $147)

The Intermediate Immersion e-Course focuses on the intermediate level grammar (B1-B2). Discover the structures that allow you to take the next step in the language and express your personal style.

It's a self-study program you can follow at your own pace, whenever and wherever you feel like it.

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Everyday Portuguese - recorded workshops (value $125)

You can watch recorded workshops on how to use Portuguese in practical, everyday life situations. The workshops cover the topics:

  • Formal vs. Informal treatment 
  • Polite expressions 
  • Making requests 
  • How to write emails and messages 
  • Simple strategies for talking on the telephone 
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European Portuguese Verb Chart (value $19,9)

The main aspects of the Standard European Portuguese Verbs in an 8-page chart (PDF).

The clear sections, colors, images and schematic explanations make it a reference work to have with you at all times! 

Includes all tenses in all moods (Indicative, Conditional, Subjunctive, Imperative), regular and irregular verbs, modal verbs, reflexive verbs, how-to-use explanations and examples with English translation. 

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How do I learn?

All content is digital, available for you to follow on its own platform. You can access it from an electronic device or download all lessons and materials to use offline.

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The teacher

Olá, eu sou a Susana! I am your teacher. :)

You guessed right; I am a Portuguese teacher! I'm an alfacinha (born in Lisboa) with a special love for languages. I have collected a few languages throughout the years (and hundreds of books, as you can see) including English. German, Spanish, French, Mandarin and I am now dedicated to Russian. Now and then I also play around with Latin and Ancient Egyptian (you never know when that might come in handy...).

Following the true Portuguese spirit, I am curious about the world and other cultures, and I am now reaching out to teach an endangered species, European Portuguese.

I like to push my students, so you can consider me your accountability partner!

<< The top horizontal book is Os Lusíadas. Google it! :)



What students are saying

Olá Susana! So happy to be here. Among everything else here you’ve so carefully and thoughtfully prepared, it’s also incredible to have such great tools for EP pronunciation! After months with duolingo and its Brazilian Portuguese default, I can now go forward with confidence on how to correctly pronounce each and every syllable. Thank you for the perfectly times pauses between words, I am repeating with confidence and also cementing in my head, thanks to you : )
— Amy Thoner
[The best aspect of the course is] the very structured way to learn grammar together with the availability of the teacher. I manage to write almost all my text messages in Portuguese to my friends. They say even if I make mistakes, they understand the content.
— Vanessa (Belgium)
I have learned a lot in two months just by listening and doing recommend exercises.
— Ioan (Romenia)
Susana’s use of social media and information technology makes her classes highly interactive and entertaining in addition to being instructive. As a teacher she is always accessible, empathetic for her students needs, and motivates her students to push to the next level. Her infusion of creativity and innovation into the lessons bring the Portuguese language to life.
— Paul (USA)
WOW...I could not imagine a more thorough and organized online course! Thank you for the time and attention you have put into this to make it the best that is out there! I have looked far and wide and tried several others! Please keep up the great work, Susana!
— Robert La Coste
I absolutely love the course. Wish I knew about it when I arrived to Portugal, about a year ago!!
The most interesting aspect of the course in my view is , that even the most complex parts of the language are explained with simple examples and short explanation. That to me is the most important factor when it comes to rate a language teacher. Well done!
— Hamid Monsef
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Frequently Asked Questions

+ What variety of Portuguese is the course in?

100% European Portuguese!

+ What language level do I have at the end of the course?

The Master Portuguese e-Course refers to the levels A1+A2 (basic Portuguese) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The Intermediate Immersion e-Course offered in this bundle refers to the levels B1+B2, and it focuses on the complex grammar that is the core of the intermediate level.

+ How long do I have to finish the courses?

The courses include several hours of video and audio, and to it, you need to add the extra time for reviewing and practice. Each student has a different pace when it comes to learning languages. So, you can take as long as you need to finish the courses!

You have lifetime access to them.

+ What do I have access to?

You have immediate access to:

Master Portuguese e-Course (value $245):

  • 41 chapters of the story (PDF + MP3)
  • grammar lessons (VIDEO + PDF + MP3)
  • textbooks + workbooks (PDF)
  • vocabulary lists (PDF + MP3)
  • grammar summaries (PDF)
  • tests (PDF + MP3)
  • forums
  • BONUS: Everyday Portuguese recorded workshops on how to use the language in common situations. (value $125)
  • BONUS: Exclusive Facebook group for students.

Intermediate Immersion e-Course (value $147):

  • 17 lessons (VIDEOS + PDF + Quiz)
  • grammar resources (PDF)
  • BONUS: European Portuguese Verb Chart. A quick overview of all the Portuguese verb tenses and conjugations, understanding when to use each tense. Includes examples! (value $19,9)

You will also have access to future course updates!

+ What previous knowledge / materials do I need?

  • You don't need any previous Portuguese knowledge.
  • You don't need any learning materials; they are all included in this course.
  • You do need a computer with internet access. You can also access the materials offline by downloading them.

+ What format is the content delivered in?

The course materials are shared as video content, written transcripts, and plenty of course PDF workbooks and audio MP3 files. So, whether you prefer to read, write, watch, or listen to the content, you'll be set.

+ Can I study at my own pace?

You certainly can! The courses are designed to give you all the flexibility you need. So you can learn whenever, wherever you want.

+ How do I have access to the teacher?

You can contact me per email with any questions or comments you have.

The course platform also includes a discussion forum available for each lesson, where you can ask your questions, and learn from other student's questions. I personally reply to all comments and questions.

+ Is there work review?

There are review tests available in the Master Portuguese e-Course (PDF + MP3) that you can take and send my way (per email) correction and feedback. These tests include reading, writing and listening exercises.

+ Is there a money-back guarantee?

Of course! I genuinely want you to succeed, which is why I offer a generous 30-day money back guarantee. Simply let me know within 30 days if you’d like a refund, and I’ll give you one, no questions asked.

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