Learn European Portuguese through story

Are you  finally ready to connect with others using the Portuguese language with confidence?

The Jump-start Portuguese e-Course takes you from true beginner to the intermediate level in a comprehensive way, based on an exciting mystery story!

It's a self-study program you can follow at your own pace, whenever and wherever you feel like it.

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Imagine you can speak Portuguese in a natural way, stress free

  • Do you live or want to live in Portugal, be independent and feel integrated in your community?

  • Do you frequently spend time in Portugal and you want to take your experience to the next level?

  • Do you want to finally connect with friends and family members who speak Portuguese?

     Then, this course is for you!

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Now tell me, have you been doing these mistakes?

  • You want to learn fast and well.

  • You think it's going to be easy.

  • You favor quantity over consistency.

  • You buy every book available and use none.


Most people lack depth and focus in their learning process, that's why they are "eternal" beginners.


I have been there myself...


Let me tell you how I learn a new language!

I have learned a few languages myself, and I struggled with the same issues as everybody else in the beginning. But I eventually understood what it takes to learn a language successfully. 

hard work + time

I accept it's going to involve a lot of hard work and that it will take time. I manage my expectations.


I keep an eye on my motivation. That's what keeps me going forward and staying on track. I imagine how good it will feel once I reach my goal.


I focus. I find quality material, come up with a plan on when and how long I'll study, and I stick to it. 


I am consistent. I sit down for focused learning sessions every day, and I make it independent of my mood.

4 core skills

I dedicate myself to the 4 core skills of a language (listening, reading, speaking and writing).

As a language teacher, I also discovered that most students fail in most of these aspects.

Failing at learning Portuguese doesn't have to do with:


  • your lack of ability to learn a foreign language:

  • your age;

  • the fact that you are not living in the country where the language is spoken;

  • the method you're using.

It has to do with your mindset.


I'm an independent language learner and this is how I do it


I choose my material.

This means I choose quality material appropriate for my level.

I listen to the language.

I listen to dialogues, texts, and sentences over and over again. This helps me with listening comprehension, pronunciation, and assimilation of sentence structure, grammar rules and vocabulary.

I speak out loud.

I repeat what I listen to.

I solve exercises out loud.

I practice with a language tutor, partner or friend.

I read and write.

I read dialogues and short stories. 

I copy the dialogues and texts.

I do reverse translation (translate from the target language to English and back to the target language). This exercise helps me be aware of what I still struggle with and review it.

I do dictations, that is, I write down what I listen to.

I write sentences and short texts using the structures and vocabulary I'm learning.

I focus on grammar.

I become aware of the rules.

I practice with exercises.

I review, review and review.

Reviewing what I have learned is one of the most important aspect of my study. Only this way am I able to store information in my long-term memory.

This is the method I share with you inside the Jump-start Portuguese course.


How the course works

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The Story


The course has 40 lessons, and you learn through story.

Each lesson introduces you to a new chapter of the story.

And each lesson is based on a new structure of the language.

By immersing yourself in the story and practicing with the suggested exercises, you are advancing your knowledge of the foundations of the language, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

This is an effective way of learning grammar and vocabulary in context.

A Fotógrafa Curiosa

That means "The Curious Photographer" in English, and that's the title of the story.

It tells the story of a young Portuguese photographer, who gets involved in the theft of a rare and valuable doll, putting herself and others in the path of danger!

The action takes place in Lisbon and Sintra, in Quinta da Regaleira, a famous palace with mystical gardens.

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Sounds more interesting than your last workbook, right?

Here's exactly what you get


The course is a digital course, available for you to follow on its own platform. You can access it from any electronic devices, and you can also download all lessons and materials to use offline.

Each lesson includes

Listen & Speak

This section introduces you to a chapter of the story.

You have access to the audio, the PDF with transcript, English translation and the audio exercises.

These exercises simulate a conversation based on the content of the chapter. You'll be answering and asking questions in a systematic way, so that you start to speak and think in Portuguese from day-one.

Not only will you start speaking automatically, you'll be better prepared to understand Portuguese native speakers!


Each grammar section includes a video and introduces you to the new structure through a dialogue in context (real life situation) followed by a more in-depth explanation and examples. 

This dialogue does not belong to the main story, but gives you extra examples of real language.

Read & Write

Each lesson includes a textbook with the transcript of the video lesson and a workbook with writing exercises, so you can practice the new structure (solutions included).

Also included in the course

Study planners (PDF)

If you need help getting your study time organized, I provide monthly and weekly planners, so you don't have always to wonder what to do next.

Vocabulary (PDF + MP3)

Most lessons include a vocabulary list you can use to practice the new structure you have learned. You can also practice comprehension and pronunciation with the vocabulary MP3 files.

Grammar summary (PDF)

The course includes a grammar summary to help you keep track of what you have learned.

Revision tests (PDF + MP3)

These tests follow the level A2 exam structure. They help you review the content of the course and help you prepare for the official CIPLE exam, in case you wish to take it one day!

Support & feedback

Discussion forum

Ask questions, share your audio or texts for feedback, and learn from other members' posts in the forum. I personally reply to all your comments!

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What you learn in this course

With the Jump-start Portuguese e-Course you'll learn the fundamentals of the Portuguese language (levels A1-A2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

This course takes you from true beginner to the intermediate level through sequence and structure based on an exciting story.

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Grammar structures included

  • permanent characteristics (ser)

  • momentary characteristics (estar)

  • talk about events happening now

  • talk about frequent activities

  • talk about events in the future

  • express desires

  • identify and describe objects

  • identify objects and people in space

  • express possession

  • singular and plural

  • express having to do something

  • express needing to do something

  • express knowing how to do something

  • say the time

  • say when an event takes place

  • talk about occasional events

  • express how to do something to yourself

  • talk about something that you usually do

  • express how long/since when an event is going on

  • express what has been happening lately

  • express the moral thing to do

  • identify what there is/exists

  • express movement

  • give orders and directions

  • express you just finished doing something

  • express your ability to do something

  • place objects in space

  • buy/read/eat something (direct complement)

  • compare things

  • give something to someone (indirect complement)

  • express what one does (impersonal se)

  • identify all, many, a few and none

  • talk about events in the past (simple past)

  • talk about recurrent/longer events in the past (imperfect)

  • express your opinion

  • introduce more information in a sentence

  • talk about making plans for the future

Vocabulary topics included

You can use the grammar structures to talk about:

  • professions

  • nationalities

  • physical and mental characteristics

  • personality

  • family and relationships

  • city and services

  • transportation

  • work and leisure

  • everyday activities

  • food, beverages and restaurant

  • colors, objects, clothes and animals

  • shopping

  • time

  • body and going to the doctor

  • home, furniture and appliances

  • nature and weather

  • traveling

  • life events

Look inside the course

Platform preview


Listen & speak preview

 Excerpt from Listen & Speak (chapter 8 + exercises 1 and 2)

Excerpt from Listen & Speak (chapter 8 + exercises 1 and 2)


Grammar preview

Mockupt new course.png

Read & write preview

 Excerpt from Textbook + Workbook (lesson 8).

Excerpt from Textbook + Workbook (lesson 8).

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The teacher

Olá, eu sou a Susana! I am your teacher. :)

You guessed right, I am a Portuguese teacher! I'm an alfacinha (born in Lisboa) with a special love for languages. I have collected a few languages throughout the years (and hundreds of books, as you can see) including English. German, Spanish, French, Mandarin and I am now dedicated to Russian. Now and then I also play around with Latin and Ancient Egyptian (you never know when that might come in handy...).

Following the true Portuguese spirit, I am curious about the world and other cultures, and I am now reaching out to teach an endangered species, European Portuguese.

I like to push my students, so you can consider me your accountability partner!

<< The top horizontal book is Os Lusíadas. Google it! :)

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30-day money-back guarantee

I genuinely want you to succeed, which is why I offer a generous 30-day money back guarantee. Simply let me know within 30 days if you’d like a refund, and I’ll give you one, no questions asked.

What students are saying

Olá Susana! So happy to be here. Among everything else here you’ve so carefully and thoughtfully prepared, it’s also incredible to have such great tools for EP pronunciation! After months with duolingo and its Brazilian Portuguese default, I can now go forward with confidence on how to correctly pronounce each and every syllable. Thank you for the perfectly times pauses between words, I am repeating with confidence and also cementing in my head, thanks to you : )
— Amy Thoner
[The best aspect of the course is] the very structured way to learn grammar together with the availability of the teacher. I manage to write almost all my text messages in Portuguese to my friends. They say even if I make mistakes, they understand the content.
— Vanessa (Belgium)
I have learned a lot in two months just by listening and doing recommend exercises.
— Ioan (Romenia)
Susana’s use of social media and information technology makes her classes highly interactive and entertaining in addition to being instructive. As a teacher she is always accessible, empathetic for her students needs, and motivates her students to push to the next level. Her infusion of creativity and innovation into the lessons bring the Portuguese language to life.
— Paul (USA)
WOW...I could not imagine a more thorough and organized online course! Thank you for the time and attention you have put into this to make it the best that is out there! I have looked far and wide and tried several others! Please keep up the great work, Susana!
— Robert La Coste
I absolutely love the course. Wish I knew about it when I arrived to Portugal, about a year ago!!
The most interesting aspect of the course in my view is , that even the most complex parts of the language are explained with simple examples and short explanation. That to me is the most important factor when it comes to rate a language teacher. Well done!
— Hamid Monsef
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Next year you'll be right where you are now


Is that acceptable to you?


Do you want to waste more time?

 I suggest you start taking action now.

Otherwise, you'll never be able to express yourself in Portuguese, experience the Portuguese culture and improve your relationships!


A good investment? Yes!


If you want to go from true beginner to intermediate learner and you wish to enroll in a classroom course, an online course or buy lesson packages from an online language teacher you'll invest in average  €600 to €800 (that's up to $1000). And depending on the country you're in, even more.

And what happens in most cases is that you're being taught how the language works, not actually doing active work, like speaking! How many times have you been in a classroom language course where you only actually speak 2 minutes?

You can access quality materials that allow you to learn by doing, have time and space flexibility, experience an exciting and innovative method for a fraction of the cost by enrolling in the Jump-start Portuguese e-Course.

This course allows you to save a lot of money you can use for (just!) speaking practice with a speaking tutor.




Access the complete Portuguese Lab Podcast’s resources for beginners.

It includes 50 episodes from dialogues to short stories and vocabulary topics with audio, transcripts, and extra exercises.

Use them alongside the course to improve your overall comprehension of the language!

Portuguese Lab Podcast resources
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BEST VALUE: save 14%!

30-day money-back guarantee


(100% secure payment)


Note: If you are living in the EU, this purchase will be subject to compulsory EU VAT charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What variety of Portuguese is the course in?

100% European Portuguese!

+ What language level do I have at the end of the course?

The course refers to the levels A1+A2 (basic Portuguese) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

When you finish the course you should be able to:

  • understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type. 
  • introduce yourself and others and ask and answer questions about personal details such as where you live, people you know and things you have. 
  • interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.

+ How long does the course take?

The course has several hours of video and audio, and to it, you need to add the extra time for reviewing and practice. Each student has a different pace when it comes to learning languages. So, you can take as long as you need to finish the course!

You have a lifetime access to it.

In average students reach the intermediate level in 6 to 9 months. But if you're slower of faster, that's also fine!

+ What do I have access to?

Content you can follow sequentially, at your own pace (immediate access):

  • 41 chapters of the story (PDF + MP3)
  • grammar lessons (VIDEO + PDF + MP3)
  • textbooks + workbooks (PDF)
  • vocabulary lists (PDF + MP3))
  • grammar summary (PDF)
  • tests (PDF + MP3)

You will also have access to future course updates and future bonuses!

+ What previous knowledge / materials do I need?

  • You don't need any previous Portuguese knowledge.
  • You don't need any learning materials, they are all included in this course.
  • You do need a computer with internet access. You can also access the materials offline by downloading them.

+ How do I know what my level is?

  • Beginner (A1-A2)

You have just started learning, or you have been learning for a while, but your Portuguese is still very basic, you understand very little, and you find it hard to have a simple conversation.

  • Intermediate (B1-B2)

You have been learning for some time, and you feel more comfortable with the language. You know the basic grammar and vocabulary, and you can hold a basic conversation, but you want to improve your level and grow your confidence, especially when listening and speaking.

  • Advanced (C1-C2)

You know Portuguese and can speak it well. You can read and hold conversations about a variety of topics, explaining yourself with confidence. You can understand native speakers with ease, even if you don't recognize every word. You're looking for ways to improve your vocabulary, use of idioms and complex grammar structures.

You can learn more about the levels here.

+ What format is the content delivered in?

The course materials are shared as video content, written transcripts, and plenty of course PDF workbooks and audio MP3 files. So, whether you prefer to read, write, watch, or listen to the content, you'll be set.

+ Can I study at my own pace?

You certainly can! This course is designed to give you all the flexibility you need. So you can learn whenever, wherever you want.

+ How do I have access to the teacher?

The course platform includes a forum where you can ask your questions, share audio and text, and learn from other student's questions. I personally reply to all comments and questions.

+ Is there work review?

There are review tests available in the course platform (PDF + MP3) that you can take and send my way (per email) for correction and feedback. These tests include reading, writing and listening exercises.

+ What's the difference between the free content and the course for beginners?

  • The beginners course gives you the structure and sequence you need as a beginner.
  • It's a step by step system; you don't have to guess what to do next.
  • It explores all the language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing).
  • It includes in-depth explanations about how the language works, so you build a good foundation of the language.
  • As a student, you have access to me. I answer your questions and offer you feedback.
  • You are part of the student's community, where you can learn more from other students.

The free content doesn't offer any of the above.

+ Is there a money-back guarantee?

Of course! I genuinely want you to succeed, which is why I offer a generous 30-day money back guarantee. Simply let me know within 30 days if you’d like a refund, and I’ll give you one, no questions asked.

For example: if you purchase on October 1st at 10 am, you can request a refund until Obctober 31st at 10 am. Please note that there will be no refund guarantee after the 30 days, so don't leave it to the last minute! :)

+ Can I pay in a different currency?

Our payment gateway only accepts payments in one currency and since our audience is international the obvious choice was US dollars. But don't worry! The currency conversion happens automatically at checkout.